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Your Consciousness
June 2nd, 2010

A Particle of Consciousness This is the particle of consciousness known as Pat Matson of Paperwork Partners; Girl VA, Lover of Life, Propeller of Dreams – Yours and Hers.

When I decided to have a blog on my newly re-done website, I scratched my head to decide what Virtual Assistant topics I could share with my clients, friends, and then on out there on the world wide web. That think-a-long became the Categories you see on the right of the screen.

Today, I’m writing about consciousness.  Consciousness,  your mentality, is the primal element out of which each of us is created.  It’s unfolding a full sense of your Self that is the reason you’re where you are and I’m being a VA, blogging my little fingers to the bone. As I do my VA work, I’m concurrently figuring out what virtues I have; the best way to use them; what life is about; and how my preferences get from inside me out in to the world as experience.

I call myself the behind-the-throne whisperer VA because I have a keen insight into the lives of my clients and sometimes, my whispered perspective allows them to see the good I see in them, to sigh back into acceptance and enjoyment, and then be glad that not only do I type and create, but I also share wise counsel.

This consciousness thing unfolding in you as you is one of my favorite topics, but I promised myself to only make these blog posts snippets.  You can always email me for more.

Love you.  Mean it.


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