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Your Business & Spiritual Enlightenment
June 27th, 2010

I like to think that while business is lots of fun, you can have an extra level of fun if you also consider how spiritually enlightened you are becoming as you work in your business.

I’m a Virtual Assistant.  Now from a business perspective, this is important to know because it’s my face holding my space on the internet.  But from a spiritual perspective, it matters not one whit, because if that were true, the only way you could gain spiritual enlightenment is to become a VA.  Wouldn’t that be silly?

The job you are in, and I strongly hope you are a sole proprietor or an entrepreneur because you are my target market, requires a certain level of skills in the business world.  If you don’t have all of the ones you need, you hire a VA to compliment your skills set and we both live happily ever after.  But in the spiritual world, you gain your enlightenment as you move through your business day, maybe a bit like this:

A client of yours calls you and makes requests of you.  One of the requests triggers something in you and you have an angry reaction.  You exercise your virtues of patience and courage:  patience to keep your nasty thoughts unspoken and kept inside you; courage to keep on speaking in a professional manner to your client.  You score!  You’ve unfolded a higher, stronger sense of your virtue set and you’re one silly millimeter further on down the path toward complete spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

You can do this on a surfboard, milking cows, serving food at The Olive Garden, powdering a baby’s heine, picking raspberries, or being an entrepreneur as I am.  I look at my business life through soulful eyes and when I am your VA, I look at your business life through the same eyes – oh, plus my business skills for getting your tasks done.  Gotta love the perspective.



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