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Why Writing for Coaches Makes My Heart Joyful
March 6th, 2013
Writing for Coaches


I adore writing.  It has sung to me since I was a wee ‘un back in Pennsylvania, my native state. The family moved to California during my senior year of high school (extraordinary timing, eh?) and by then, I was well established as “she writes.”

Opportunities to continue on that path unfolded across my years:  I got to help write a series of English textbooks for Ginn and Company; I got to write and help produce parodys of musicals when I was in the convent; and by the time I reached corporate America, it had become a given.

Nowadays, I’ve narrowed down my niche quite a bit and it’s my heart that made that choice.  I love coaches and coaching.  The old schoolteacher/trainer in me still enjoys and understands the needs of  the front-of-the-room mentality, but the Virtual Assistant in me prefers the behind-the-throne position, and writing as a niche is just perfect for both.  Yes, I love to indulge myself! :)

If you are a Spiritual Coach or a Life Coach who has been sending out into the Universe for someone to help you with your coaching business who understands spirituality, hello! My name is Pat Matson. I’m a Virtual Assistant (VA) with a writing niche for Life or Spiritual Coaches.  My company lives at and you’re invited on by.

For all of the considerable years of my life, I have felt drawn toward gaining an understanding about Life, and to this end, I am very satisfied.  Because of this, and in conjunction with my administrative, writing and managerial skills, I have married them all handsomely into my VA practice, but my biggest joy is writing materials for coaches.

My practice has room for one more VSC – Very Special Client –  with whom I can become a friend, a compatriot, a business builder, a skilled set of ears, and a warm place in my heart. I am looking for one special client who needs someone with my skills set to create all of the “things written” they might need in their business – things like:

  • A workbook
  • Articles
  • Autoresponders
  • Bios
  • Blog posts
  • Career Profile
  • CD scripts
  • Curriculum
  • Intake Packages
  • Proposals
  • Short and long Bios
  • User manuals
  • Website copy
  • Your book

I am putting it out there myself that there’s a very special Spiritual Coach who needs a Virtual Assistant/Writer who  works independently, with high integrity, exceeds all expectations, takes a big part of the load off you, and who identifies with your soulful goals.  I would truly love to meet you and know that I love getting the word out as much as you do. Serving others for the sake of their unfoldment, their growth into grace and understanding, via a path of business success IS ME, and I know it’s you, too.

We need to talk! Can’t you just feel it?

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