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VA with Writing Niche has One Spot Open in her Practice
February 26th, 2013

There is room in my practice for only One highly motivated, visionary, entrepreneur who wants to know what superb achievement, peak performance, absolute accomplishment, and what being at the pinnacle feels like. I’ve been looking for you and I know you’ll recognize yourself here.

About You:

• You are a galloping, visionary, out-of-the-box entrepreneur.
• Your expertise lies in coaching or in another self-help-based business.
• You’re a New Age type of thinker.
• You can conjure up more ideas than Pinterest has pins but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish them.
• You burn way too much midnight oil and want a trusted collaboration with a Business Manager.
• Your already-successful enterprise need an overseer to run the team so you can do what you do best to zoom to the next level of success.
• You want someone who thinks as you do, who can implement your ideas, onto whom you can download and walk away, knowing it will get handled.
• You’d love your assistant to have free rein because you trust her, her qualities and her integrity.
• You wish she could do the writing work to create your classes, your curriculum, write your books, tweak your site copy, proof everything for accuracy, and get you more internet presence through articles with a really pithy bio.
• You Already Want to Email Because You Recognize Me as Much as I Recognize You!

About Me:

• I am that Other You you’ve been wishing for.
• I am a New Age Thinker, talented manager and writer.
• I understand the systems and tasks it takes to manage a successful, on-line business.
• I am an incredible resource, sounding board, and strategic planner.
• My genius lies in writing my substantial, hard-won understanding of life into my client’s materials and then helping their businesses flourish because of both my writing and my managerial gifts.
• When I point my powerful thinking at your business, it will double or triple. I can give you numerical statistics.

About Us:

• The true spirit of my work is to facilitate you to embrace your own goodness, truth, success and individuality while working in your business.
• You enjoy having me back you up virtually with my writing and managerial skills and then, you enjoy the consistent growth and greater success we generate together.
• We both love my skills, my 30+ years of experience, and the wisdom I generously bring along. And the love. I love the work I do and the clients with whom I do it.
• I offer a long list of hard-wired skills plus soulful support – more to love.
• I crawl into the heart of what you want to accomplish, intuit the most productive role I can play there, and then craft the things that need to be written and manage the rest of your team. I’m a stickler for deadlines and you are so grateful for that!
• You Want to Email Me Even More Now! I can feel it too. We need to talk.

Warmest regards!


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