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Top Ten Ways This VA Helps Coaches
May 30th, 2013


1. I can write excellent content for your website, your blogs, your articles, your newsletter, and for your social media networking sites, creating more time for you to coach your clients. I can gather testimonials from your clients for the website and maintain your email lists.

2. I can help you create multiple streams of income from products: books, ebooks, , training workbooks & curriculum, articles, workshop materials.

3. I can help you craft a strategic plan and a business plan if you haven’t done that already, and I can help you implement them. In addition, I can create your “elevator” speech and set up your business cards, stationery, and other needed forms for a consistent branded look.

4. I can write a Top Ten list like this one for you to present to your clients so that you can demonstrate your key coaching skills.

5. I can create an Intake Packet for you in both hardcopy and as a fillable form. I can keep a supply of them and mail them out for you as needed or send an email to your prospective clients for the on-line form.

6. I can research the best way to automate your calendar / appointments, typically through an on-line program. You might consider Coaches Console for all of your coaching tasks.

7. I can set up your teleclasses; prepare and distribute materials for the classes; handle student questions; handle registrations; and send out class notes or PPTs to students plus the class roster.

8. I can handle your travel requirements: find locations for your workshops, negotiate with the facility, make your travel arrangements, arrange for the shipping of your materials. If required, I can run the back of the room sales for you and assist with logistics throughout the workshop.

9. Oversee professional membership due dates, track certification requirements, assist with preparation for committee participation, and keep your on-line profile up to date for the coaching associations to which you belong.

10. I can brainstorm with you and through artful questioning, I can help you get to the bottom line of what you really want to accomplish, and then I can help you get there.

Surprise! It’s a Baker’s Dozen!

11. I can help you with personal tasks: expense forms from travel; purchase and mailing of gifts for your clients; holiday cards and gifts; create menus for your holiday and birthday events; read your newsletters, newspapers and magazines and summarize points of interest for you; set up surprise birthday travel gifts for you and your spouse. If you don’t see it here, please ask me. 909-867-2412 or pat {at} paperwork

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