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Surviving An Accident, Part II
October 23rd, 2010

Eek! My seat!

Those twelve lovely firemen and paramedics (sigh!) were most caring.  While some of them used the Jaws of Life to pry open the driver’s side doors and remove the post in between them, one of them sat or knelt in the back seat and talked to me through that ordeal.  He also kept asking me questions to see if I was still conscious or not and the poor dear had sweat just pouring off his face in the heat. I so appreciated his running commentary of the progress being made because it helped keep me oriented.

Before I knew it, a back board was slid under me and I was on a gurney and in the ambulance on the ten mile drive to the hospital.  I was doing mental work to be sure that my perfect health was manifesting as it ought to, and I’m convinced that this mental work disappeared anything that was unlike my mind model.  I frequently closed my eyes to concentrate and make sure my conviction was strong, and this started off another series of questions:  “Are you ok? Can you breathe all right?” I know they put a neck brace on me crooked, but I didn’t say anything because I knew the brace was unnecessary anyway.  They also administered oxygen via a face mask and it damn near choked off ALL air.  Seriously, I could not breathe as well with it on as with it off.  So I slide it off my face.  It still cost me $150.00.

It was a dizzying trip from the ambulance into the Emergency Room, but what an Emergency Room it was!  The hospital is one specifically catering to Emergencies.  I had a male nurse who was Hispanic but his name was more Middle Eastern.  Dang if I can remember it.  He was a wonderfully attentive nurse.

What really impressed me was the fact that the hospital provided an employee (no clue what her title was) who’s only task was to contact the so-called victim’s families and let them know I’d been in an accident.  Now that was decidedly humane and cool.  My elder son didn’t recognize the incoming call’s number, so he didn’t pick up.  My younger son did pickup and I got to speak to him and let him know what had happened.  They got the word out to the family.  I have a dear sister whom I lovingly call Paulina Revere and she spread the word far and wide!

My sons and d-in-law headed down to the hospital tout suite.  While I waited, the – oh, let’s call her the Emergency Room Concierge – came to me with her cell phone and said I had a call.  I placed the phone near my ear, and I heard “Hello, this is Perfect Mind.  Who’s this?”  And I answered “It’s Perfect Health. Hi Dave.”  I teach my darling brother David metaphysics, and we’d been working on his healing for some months.  He was just giving me a dose of my own medicine, but it brought me to tears with the beauty and the truth of it. And I’m happy to say that since then, David’s healing has also been completed.  Yay!

The long and the short of it is that I had twelve hours to visit with my kids (5 minutes at a time) and lots of time to just lay there and affirm everything was just perfect.  The C-1 vertebrae crack disappeared.  The high blood sugar count came way down.  By midnight, my sons and d-in-law were driving me back home.  I was tender and tentative but whole and complete and headed home, good be praised. The paramedics kept visiting me each time they brought another victim in and were in awe that I wasn’t hurt more due to the condition of my car. I know beyond doubt’s shadow that my mental work had saved the day, to say nothing of my very life.

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