Pat Matson / Your Executive Virtual Assistant

My mission as a Virtual Executive Assistant is to ensure the success of my clients. I know what running a successful sole-proprietorship entails. My goal is to take tasks off your To-Do list and accomplish them for you. I’d love you to have more time for your personal life. I’d love for you to do only those tasks that sing to your soul – and, bring in the money.

Do you have a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan?

  • If you do, I have virtual office solutions to help you implement it. I’m a keen, strategic thinker. I can see the route through chaos, and I can get it down on paper so we both have an Action Plan with a time line for accountability.
  • If you don’t have those plans, I can help you brainstorm and strategize to create specialized virtual office support for you.

Are all the Automation Tools in place to insure your growth and success?

  • If they are, great! I’ve learned over 60 software packages in my career, so if I don’t already know the ones you’re using, I’ll learn it quickly and easily.
  • If they aren’t, I’ll research the latest and greatest for you and help you choose what will work best for your business.

Are you an Ideal Client for me?

  • My ideal client is an aware, savvy, successful, motivated, technologically astute, busy, and honest professional who can afford my rates.
  • I have a strong preference for working with visionary coaches.
  • I like courageous non-conformists.
  • I like those who push the limit.
  • I love a great sense of humor when it involves plays on words.
  • I like people who are quick thinkers.
  • I work best with spiritual but not religious individuals.

How Should We Begin the Interview Process?

  • Email Me to set up a first interview.
  • First Interview – I’d like to have a ½ hour chat with you to touch bases on a friendly discovery chat about one another to see if virtual assisting can work well for you. At the end of the ½ hour, we’ll decide mutually if we feel that collaborative “click” that says “Yes, I think I could work with her.” No clickee, no relationship.
  • Second Interview – With that “click” obvious, we’ll set  up a one hour interview to get more deeply into the specifics of how having a virtual personal assistant can aggrandize your business and your personal life.

My Rates:

Please email me to discuss my rates.