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Personal Motivation & Messy Spirituality
July 8th, 2010

This little guy with his toes in the flowers sits at the base of my front deck stairway contented and easily pleased.  I haven’t given him a name, but I’m up for your suggestions.  His job is to look good, make the entrance seem appealing and welcome visitors to my home.

Is he motivated?  Well, sure, for a cement head.  ;)   But I want this week’s blog post to be for my sole proprietor clients and their personal motivation and their messy spirituality, which I think go hand in hand.

I think many of us have this tendency to segment and categorize our lives, especially when it comes to business.  I view things a bit differently.  I see things as one, giant, whole.  I think my business is my main way to unfold spirituality. I cannot begin to share with you the hundreds of things I learn about my spirit, my life, and my own heart right inside my business.  So, let me give you an example.  If you’re one of my VA clients, don’t worry.  I never break our confidentiality.

I do a lot of research for one of my clients in a segregated field of study.  We aren’t exactly chatty Cathies with one another.  Mainly, we communicate via email.  I learned from this form of communication one important thing about myself:

  • I must exercise courage and ask questions when I don’t understand the instructions completely.  I have this thing from my own childhood called “Never admit you don’t know.” I have had to encourage myself to ask the needed questions even when I thought they’d make me look unintelligent, another childhood foible. So, from this seemingly innocuous incident, I had to get personally motivated to do what needed to be done, and I augmented my own messy spirituality by doing just that.

And, the research got accomplished.  Those VA tasks I perform are viewed as “the things I merely do” because my spirituality gets top billing in my life.  Don’t misunderstand me: there are lots of things, tasks and people standing one rung below my spirituality, nudging for first place.  I made this decision a long time ago and I think putting spirituality first is working for me. That’s why I say my VA business is soulful.

I wonder sometimes if you entrepreneurs can integrate both your business and your spiritual life? It adds a layer of interest, makes me feel if I’m getting double the good out of what I “merely do” and gives me a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Hugs & Love,



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