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Work Motivation and Gratitude
June 17th, 2010

My little grandson, Hiero, loves balls.  Naturally, everyone brings him balls as gifts.  It’s wonderful to watch him adulate “balls.”  It got me to thinking.  Here I am, a virtual assistant, the owner of Paperwork Partners, and what is my work motivation?  What are my “balls?”

I love my clients.  We spin ideas back and forth between us.  It’s my work motivation and it’s also my gratitude for them in my life.  I love to dream up new, fresh ways to make their businesses grow.  I love our interactions. I love the work I get to do for them. I love learning about their businesses and freeing them up to do what they do best.  Here is a list of what some of my client’s work is: coaching (lots of these), attorney, technical engineering writer, televised cooking show producer, NLP Practitioner, senior health care caregiver and headhunter.

You might ask: “Why such a wide variety of clients?”  Because I do administrative work that is quite similar for all of them, and because my work motivation thrives with variety.

Sunday nights you might overhear me say “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.”  That just means I want more weekend, because once I slide into my harness and begin to pull, it is so much fun, that Pat Matson is enthralled, motivated, and extremely grateful for my Virtual Assistant business.

When you read this, if you thought “Boy, I’ll bet Pat would be a great help to my friend fill in the blank. If that’s true, have your friend send me an email here.



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