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Final Ideas About My Accident & 2011 Plans
January 5th, 2011

Hello, y’all.  I’ve been processing my guts out working to resolve all the issues centered around my car accident last July.  With the single exclusion of some small twinges and loud cracks in my neck, I feel good about saying that I’m 100% healed.

Instead of chewing my cabbage twice, you can read the latest overview about it where I share the spiritual or metaphysical perspective on how I saved myself and then healed.  It’s in Kalon Women online magazine here.

2011 Plans for Paperwork Partners

In addition to my personal resolutions this coming New Year, I have decided to spend a few dollars to unfold some new skills in a series of classes that will ultimately benefit you and any new clients who come on board.

In my classes, taught by a Geek Virtual Assistant, I’ll be learning about:

  • 1ShoppingCart, Aweber & Paypal
  • Social Media & Marketing, Blog promotion, ezine maintenance
  • Product Launches
  • Online Payment setup
  • WordPress savvy

It’s kind of exciting and a bit scary since some of the above skills are things I’ve subcontracted out before for my own business.  Some of the above I’m somewhat familiar with, and I’d like to deepen my skills. Time to bite the technical geek bullet, I guess.

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Question Asking – A Tool Extraordinaire
May 25th, 2010

Hieronymous, the Precious

Get used to seeing pictures of my grandson.  He’s so on the verge of magnificent discoveries and I love watching him unfold his marvelously sweet self.  He hasn’t begun to ask questions yet, but it’s coming.  Oh my, is it coming!

You business folk, have you used asking questions to help you motivate your team?  To share some understanding about another’s troubles?  To engage someone in learning what you most need to teach?

Consider avoiding dead-end, one-word-answer questions.  You want to invite someone to join in the dance, not spit out one word and stand in the stag line.

Socrates had it knocked when he used questions in his “Socratic Method.” They stimulated the individual doing the thinking into using reason, and they lit up new ideas for the participants on both sides of the issue.  Oh, did I mention the learning occurred between two opposing sides?  What a cool idea! Like debate classes.

Learning how to ask questions that are pertinent can be a grand blessing for everyone concerned.  I used to be a “let me tell you how it is” kind of individual.  It irritated lots of people.  I changed.  I now make the same points through asking questions and I seldom experience resistance.

Little Hiero will be asking questions soon, and his mommy and daddy are currently asking him questions, so he’s learning quickly.

Do you think this method might be helpful to you folks in management? You parents?  You in a relationship? You with noisy neighbors?    Hummmm?

Pat Matson,

Executive Virtual Assistant, Girl VA, and Writer of Grand Ideas

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An Attitude of Gratitude
May 22nd, 2010

' Tis I !

I am filled with such gratitude about my new website.  I’ve heard many wonderful comments about it from my Assist U partner VAs, and from my family and friends as well. Thank you, every one.

I want to formally thank Matson Graphics. Seth, my son, and his programmers did a phenomenal job.  Did you notice they put  the date and time at the top of the Home Page?  I really like it – a practical and useful touch.  Oh, and you must check out the Bucket List.

Keep checking this blog.  I’ll be posting useful and practical Office Tips here as well as stories of an inspirational note.

Hugs to y’all.


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Executive Virtual Assistant Pat Matson thoughts of the day
May 12th, 2010

My favorite topics are about the “I” of you – that glorious being who’s running your company.

Virtual office assistance skills (like learning how to push the Control Key and press in some numbers) is being taught all over the web.  This virtual office assistant has a unique perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

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