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Personal Motivation & Messy Spirituality
July 8th, 2010

This little guy with his toes in the flowers sits at the base of my front deck stairway contented and easily pleased.  I haven’t given him a name, but I’m up for your suggestions.  His job is to look good, make the entrance seem appealing and welcome visitors to my home.

Is he motivated?  Well, sure, for a cement head.  ;)   But I want this week’s blog post to be for my sole proprietor clients and their personal motivation and their messy spirituality, which I think go hand in hand.

I think many of us have this tendency to segment and categorize our lives, especially when it comes to business.  I view things a bit differently.  I see things as one, giant, whole.  I think my business is my main way to unfold spirituality. I cannot begin to share with you the hundreds of things I learn about my spirit, my life, and my own heart right inside my business.  So, let me give you an example.  If you’re one of my VA clients, don’t worry.  I never break our confidentiality.

I do a lot of research for one of my clients in a segregated field of study.  We aren’t exactly chatty Cathies with one another.  Mainly, we communicate via email.  I learned from this form of communication one important thing about myself:

  • I must exercise courage and ask questions when I don’t understand the instructions completely.  I have this thing from my own childhood called “Never admit you don’t know.” I have had to encourage myself to ask the needed questions even when I thought they’d make me look unintelligent, another childhood foible. So, from this seemingly innocuous incident, I had to get personally motivated to do what needed to be done, and I augmented my own messy spirituality by doing just that.

And, the research got accomplished.  Those VA tasks I perform are viewed as “the things I merely do” because my spirituality gets top billing in my life.  Don’t misunderstand me: there are lots of things, tasks and people standing one rung below my spirituality, nudging for first place.  I made this decision a long time ago and I think putting spirituality first is working for me. That’s why I say my VA business is soulful.

I wonder sometimes if you entrepreneurs can integrate both your business and your spiritual life? It adds a layer of interest, makes me feel if I’m getting double the good out of what I “merely do” and gives me a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Hugs & Love,



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Your Business & Spiritual Enlightenment
June 27th, 2010

I like to think that while business is lots of fun, you can have an extra level of fun if you also consider how spiritually enlightened you are becoming as you work in your business.

I’m a Virtual Assistant.  Now from a business perspective, this is important to know because it’s my face holding my space on the internet.  But from a spiritual perspective, it matters not one whit, because if that were true, the only way you could gain spiritual enlightenment is to become a VA.  Wouldn’t that be silly?

The job you are in, and I strongly hope you are a sole proprietor or an entrepreneur because you are my target market, requires a certain level of skills in the business world.  If you don’t have all of the ones you need, you hire a VA to compliment your skills set and we both live happily ever after.  But in the spiritual world, you gain your enlightenment as you move through your business day, maybe a bit like this:

A client of yours calls you and makes requests of you.  One of the requests triggers something in you and you have an angry reaction.  You exercise your virtues of patience and courage:  patience to keep your nasty thoughts unspoken and kept inside you; courage to keep on speaking in a professional manner to your client.  You score!  You’ve unfolded a higher, stronger sense of your virtue set and you’re one silly millimeter further on down the path toward complete spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

You can do this on a surfboard, milking cows, serving food at The Olive Garden, powdering a baby’s heine, picking raspberries, or being an entrepreneur as I am.  I look at my business life through soulful eyes and when I am your VA, I look at your business life through the same eyes – oh, plus my business skills for getting your tasks done.  Gotta love the perspective.



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Your Consciousness
June 2nd, 2010

A Particle of Consciousness This is the particle of consciousness known as Pat Matson of Paperwork Partners; Girl VA, Lover of Life, Propeller of Dreams – Yours and Hers.

When I decided to have a blog on my newly re-done website, I scratched my head to decide what Virtual Assistant topics I could share with my clients, friends, and then on out there on the world wide web. That think-a-long became the Categories you see on the right of the screen.

Today, I’m writing about consciousness.  Consciousness,  your mentality, is the primal element out of which each of us is created.  It’s unfolding a full sense of your Self that is the reason you’re where you are and I’m being a VA, blogging my little fingers to the bone. As I do my VA work, I’m concurrently figuring out what virtues I have; the best way to use them; what life is about; and how my preferences get from inside me out in to the world as experience.

I call myself the behind-the-throne whisperer VA because I have a keen insight into the lives of my clients and sometimes, my whispered perspective allows them to see the good I see in them, to sigh back into acceptance and enjoyment, and then be glad that not only do I type and create, but I also share wise counsel.

This consciousness thing unfolding in you as you is one of my favorite topics, but I promised myself to only make these blog posts snippets.  You can always email me for more.

Love you.  Mean it.


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