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Top Ten Ways This VA Helps Coaches
May 30th, 2013


1. I can write excellent content for your website, your blogs, your articles, your newsletter, and for your social media networking sites, creating more time for you to coach your clients. I can gather testimonials from your clients for the website and maintain your email lists.

2. I can help you create multiple streams of income from products: books, ebooks, , training workbooks & curriculum, articles, workshop materials.

3. I can help you craft a strategic plan and a business plan if you haven’t done that already, and I can help you implement them. In addition, I can create your “elevator” speech and set up your business cards, stationery, and other needed forms for a consistent branded look.

4. I can write a Top Ten list like this one for you to present to your clients so that you can demonstrate your key coaching skills.

5. I can create an Intake Packet for you in both hardcopy and as a fillable form. I can keep a supply of them and mail them out for you as needed or send an email to your prospective clients for the on-line form.

6. I can research the best way to automate your calendar / appointments, typically through an on-line program. You might consider Coaches Console for all of your coaching tasks.

7. I can set up your teleclasses; prepare and distribute materials for the classes; handle student questions; handle registrations; and send out class notes or PPTs to students plus the class roster.

8. I can handle your travel requirements: find locations for your workshops, negotiate with the facility, make your travel arrangements, arrange for the shipping of your materials. If required, I can run the back of the room sales for you and assist with logistics throughout the workshop.

9. Oversee professional membership due dates, track certification requirements, assist with preparation for committee participation, and keep your on-line profile up to date for the coaching associations to which you belong.

10. I can brainstorm with you and through artful questioning, I can help you get to the bottom line of what you really want to accomplish, and then I can help you get there.

Surprise! It’s a Baker’s Dozen!

11. I can help you with personal tasks: expense forms from travel; purchase and mailing of gifts for your clients; holiday cards and gifts; create menus for your holiday and birthday events; read your newsletters, newspapers and magazines and summarize points of interest for you; set up surprise birthday travel gifts for you and your spouse. If you don’t see it here, please ask me. 909-867-2412 or pat {at} paperwork

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Why Writing for Coaches Makes My Heart Joyful
March 6th, 2013
Writing for Coaches


I adore writing.  It has sung to me since I was a wee ‘un back in Pennsylvania, my native state. The family moved to California during my senior year of high school (extraordinary timing, eh?) and by then, I was well established as “she writes.”

Opportunities to continue on that path unfolded across my years:  I got to help write a series of English textbooks for Ginn and Company; I got to write and help produce parodys of musicals when I was in the convent; and by the time I reached corporate America, it had become a given.

Nowadays, I’ve narrowed down my niche quite a bit and it’s my heart that made that choice.  I love coaches and coaching.  The old schoolteacher/trainer in me still enjoys and understands the needs of  the front-of-the-room mentality, but the Virtual Assistant in me prefers the behind-the-throne position, and writing as a niche is just perfect for both.  Yes, I love to indulge myself! :)

If you are a Spiritual Coach or a Life Coach who has been sending out into the Universe for someone to help you with your coaching business who understands spirituality, hello! My name is Pat Matson. I’m a Virtual Assistant (VA) with a writing niche for Life or Spiritual Coaches.  My company lives at and you’re invited on by.

For all of the considerable years of my life, I have felt drawn toward gaining an understanding about Life, and to this end, I am very satisfied.  Because of this, and in conjunction with my administrative, writing and managerial skills, I have married them all handsomely into my VA practice, but my biggest joy is writing materials for coaches.

My practice has room for one more VSC – Very Special Client –  with whom I can become a friend, a compatriot, a business builder, a skilled set of ears, and a warm place in my heart. I am looking for one special client who needs someone with my skills set to create all of the “things written” they might need in their business – things like:

  • A workbook
  • Articles
  • Autoresponders
  • Bios
  • Blog posts
  • Career Profile
  • CD scripts
  • Curriculum
  • Intake Packages
  • Proposals
  • Short and long Bios
  • User manuals
  • Website copy
  • Your book

I am putting it out there myself that there’s a very special Spiritual Coach who needs a Virtual Assistant/Writer who  works independently, with high integrity, exceeds all expectations, takes a big part of the load off you, and who identifies with your soulful goals.  I would truly love to meet you and know that I love getting the word out as much as you do. Serving others for the sake of their unfoldment, their growth into grace and understanding, via a path of business success IS ME, and I know it’s you, too.

We need to talk! Can’t you just feel it?

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VA with Writing Niche has One Spot Open in her Practice
February 26th, 2013

There is room in my practice for only One highly motivated, visionary, entrepreneur who wants to know what superb achievement, peak performance, absolute accomplishment, and what being at the pinnacle feels like. I’ve been looking for you and I know you’ll recognize yourself here.

About You:

• You are a galloping, visionary, out-of-the-box entrepreneur.
• Your expertise lies in coaching or in another self-help-based business.
• You’re a New Age type of thinker.
• You can conjure up more ideas than Pinterest has pins but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish them.
• You burn way too much midnight oil and want a trusted collaboration with a Business Manager.
• Your already-successful enterprise need an overseer to run the team so you can do what you do best to zoom to the next level of success.
• You want someone who thinks as you do, who can implement your ideas, onto whom you can download and walk away, knowing it will get handled.
• You’d love your assistant to have free rein because you trust her, her qualities and her integrity.
• You wish she could do the writing work to create your classes, your curriculum, write your books, tweak your site copy, proof everything for accuracy, and get you more internet presence through articles with a really pithy bio.
• You Already Want to Email Because You Recognize Me as Much as I Recognize You!

About Me:

• I am that Other You you’ve been wishing for.
• I am a New Age Thinker, talented manager and writer.
• I understand the systems and tasks it takes to manage a successful, on-line business.
• I am an incredible resource, sounding board, and strategic planner.
• My genius lies in writing my substantial, hard-won understanding of life into my client’s materials and then helping their businesses flourish because of both my writing and my managerial gifts.
• When I point my powerful thinking at your business, it will double or triple. I can give you numerical statistics.

About Us:

• The true spirit of my work is to facilitate you to embrace your own goodness, truth, success and individuality while working in your business.
• You enjoy having me back you up virtually with my writing and managerial skills and then, you enjoy the consistent growth and greater success we generate together.
• We both love my skills, my 30+ years of experience, and the wisdom I generously bring along. And the love. I love the work I do and the clients with whom I do it.
• I offer a long list of hard-wired skills plus soulful support – more to love.
• I crawl into the heart of what you want to accomplish, intuit the most productive role I can play there, and then craft the things that need to be written and manage the rest of your team. I’m a stickler for deadlines and you are so grateful for that!
• You Want to Email Me Even More Now! I can feel it too. We need to talk.

Warmest regards!


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Virtual Assistant Ghostwriting Services @ Paperwork
June 9th, 2010

Percy helps me type There are times when my male cat, Percy, just will not stay off my desk and in this picture, he’s helping me type.  ;)

Today, I want to share a few helpful virtual assistant services I provide and then let  you know about some that you can use yourself to make  your life easier.

I am an article writer.  I love to ghostwrite articles for my Virtual Assistant Clients. I write in their voice, because I’ve taken the time to get to know them, their business, and how they want to be presented.  It’s worked handsomely for both of us:  I get to do what I love to do; they get articles posted on the internet with links back to their site (which increases their Google position); and they don’t have to sweat worrying over “how shall I market my business.”

I am a ghost writer. Because I have a metaphysical / psychological background, my writing works really well for coaches.  I find that my experience in self-growth really augments what needs to be written for a coach’s on-line business.  I’ve also found it works well around the topics involving divorce, because that is in my experience, too.  I have permission from two clients to show you some examples of this writing.  You can find the coaching articles here, and you can find the divorce articles here.

I am a website copywriter.  You can see my own site here and a client’s site (again, with permission) here. I’m telling you I have permission because the very foundation of the work I do for my clients demands confidentiality and I wouldn’t share this kind of information without specific permission.

And now, here’s that list of tips you can use yourself, courtesy of the Reader’s Digest, March 2010.

So here’s the thing:  if  the tips above are good for you on your own, phenom!  If you need a great ghost writer who sits in the background, grinding out copy and posting it on the internet while you are out there doing what you do best in your business, send me an email and let’s work together.



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