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An Honor and A Blessing
September 20th, 2010

My Virtual Assistant Alma Mater, Assist U, has a Homecoming Celebration annually.  During the event, nominations are voted on for the best VA in several categories.  I feel honored and blessed to have won two awards this  year:

-VA of the Year: Larissa Parks
-Staff Member of the Year: Barbara Woodham Lochen
-Most Supportive Community Member of the Year: Beatrice Ten-Thye
-Techie of the Year: Sandra Trca-Black
-Volunteer of the Year: Merri Taylor
-Top Portal Poster of the Year: Pat Matson
-Buddy of the Year: Pat Matson
-Honorary Community Member of the Year: Angela Mattson, of Mattson Business Services

I love belonging to this group.  It’s an amazing resource for both me and my clients; it’s a wonderful organization for making friends; it’s training course is reasonably priced, and it’s 120% thorough for starting up a new business.  I am proud to be a graduate.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and all those who sent congratulatory notes.



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