Pat Matson / Your Executive Virtual Assistant

My background in business is experience rich.  I have one of those mentalities that enjoys variety, and my background in corporate America provided lots of variety for me.

The virtual office is by far my preference now though.

I attended Carlow College in Pittsburgh, Pa, where I had an English major with an Education minor.

I taught grade school for four years as my initial sally into work, but determined the business world was my preferred environment, never dreaming I’d end up as a virtual administrative assistant these many years later.

I began my clerical experience as a file clerk and I climbed the corporate career ladder over thirty plus years, holding titles such as Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Training Manager and Technical Writer.

During my corporate working years, I learned the value of going beyond what is asked; calculating how to improve the processes currently in place; the value of solid judgment and decision making, and the ability to encourage employees to spread their wings and fly as high as they could.

It was frequently my experience to have the vision to see the baseline office procedures, to document what was currently in vogue, and then to suggest the next, more efficient and productive change.

I love efficiency.  When coupled with a strong work ethic, I have a high level of productivity.  Because I am a virtual assistant and sole-proprietor, and because there’s no chit-chat going on in my office, my clients will always experience a high level of output.  Your work will always be done well, done on time, and your initial ideas will always be augmented by improvements neither of us thought of when we first discussed the tasks.

I launched Paperwork Partners in January of 2003, and I’ve always been entranced by the ability to work from home, to meet and assist wonderful clients, and the fact that I’ve been able to contribute to so many incredible ventures! I have worked with CEOs, speakers, psychics, life coaches, and business coaches.  I’ve helped to write business plans and strategic plans, brainstorming over the phone.  I’ve ghost written books.  I’ve been the liaison via the phone for many groups of clients.  I’ve written Policy and Procedure handbooks.  I’ve written web site copy.  I’ve learned how to grow communities and about Joint Venturing.  I’ve written, formatted and distributed many ezines and newsletters.  I have created Marketing Campaigns.  I’ve developed teleclasses and posted the classes strategically on the internet.  I’ve written and distributed many articles for clients as part of their marketing.  Some of the writing I’m involved in is bringing peace to the middle East! I’ve handled bulk mailing for clients.

I am a highly intelligent and multi-talented individual.  I love business and I love making it flourish.  I’d prefer to put into action plans that you have already created, but if you need some brainstorming for improvements and then implementation, I enjoy those tasks.

I’m honored to have completed the Virtual Training Program at Assist U. It’s said the course is likened to a Master’s Degree Program.  Whew!  That’s a minimalist description.  It was an extremely thorough training which aggrandizes the businesses of many certified virtual administrative assistants today.

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