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About Pat Matson – The Executive Virtual Assistant (VA)
May 19th, 2010

I am a self-sufficient, intelligent, playful, highly productive woman.  I love being a Virtual Assistant.  It’s allowed me to roll over my skills from corporate America into my own virtual office and service business. In addition to my Business Skills, I’m a talented cook. My sister once said that I could feed 20 people from one bone!  I’m a Suzy Homemaker, and love red wine and fireplaces. Spontaneity with the wind in my face thrills me. I like doing things I’ve never done before and going places I’ve never been to before.

I grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  I’m the eldest of five children. I was a high achiever back in the days before mentally gifted was the “in” term.  I’ve since learned that having an “east coast work ethic” is valuable.  I was raised with old-school values and ethics, many of which I’ve retained when my family moved to California during my high school years.

I’ve always been dedicated to the highest of ethics.  In tribute to my early religious training, I became a teaching Sister of St. Joseph out of high school. I returned to Pennsylvania for this incredible experience.  I’m still friends with my many “sisters” long after I decided there had to be more out there and I wanted to discover what that meant. I have friends who say “Can you believe she used to be a nun?”

I’m the mother of two incredible young men – Thad and Seth Matson.  I’m the Halmonie (Korean for ‘mother of the father’) of Thad and Amy’s little son, Hieronymous Rex. Completing my single motherhood was tantamount to earning a Ph. D! My sons and I are great friends and I’m very proud of them and of my own accomplishments. Single parenthood is how I unfolded boat loads of virtue. I have a joy-filled family life.

I am both a student and teacher of The Walter Method of metaphysics called Eschatology.  This philosophy about the Science of Life is the mainstay of everything else I accomplish in my life. It’s not for sissies. I force it on no one, but if you want to talk about it, reserve a few hours, because I can go on, and on, and on……

I’m honored to have completed the Virtual Training Program at Assist U. It’s said the course is likened to a Master’s Degree Program.  Whew!  That’s a minimalist description.  It was an extremely thorough training which aggrandizes the businesses of many certified virtual administrative assistants today. Read my Class Diary if you’d like.

I live in the mountains above San Bernardino, CA in a community called Arrowbear Lake.  I love living at the 6,050 foot level.  I get snowy winters, four seasons, and a ten minute drive out of it when I need to unthaw or shop.  Two tuxedo cats, Percy and Chi, are my roommates here.  Percy is the Official Inbox Warmer, and Chi is his Lady-In-Waiting. I turned my backyard hillside slope into four levels of terracing in the summer of 2009 and I adore gardening back there. If you’re jonesing for a trip to the mountains, here’s our local webcam.

What else would you like to know about me?  Just send me an email. :)

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  1. Nancy Moore says:

    What you did not tell them and I will be happy to attest to this is that you are the best, truest friend a person could ever have.


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