Friday, February 22nd, 2019 Pat Matson / Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Helping Hand

Hello, visitors. I keep this site live although I now work full time from Please come visit me there.


About You:

  • You are a galloping, visionary, out-of-the-box entrepreneur who’s passionate to succeed Big Time!
  • Your expertise is in coaching or a self-help-based business using New Age type of thinking.
  • You conjure up just gazillions of ideas and want to accomplish all of them, preferably today. ;)
  • You burn too much midnight oil and imagine having a trusted collaboration with a talented woman to write all your business stuff  so you can do only what you do best to zoom to your next level of success.
  • You want someone who thinks as you do, who can implement your ideas, onto whom you can download all those details and walk away, knowing it will get handled with thoroughness and dedication.
  • You’d love this miracle of a woman to have free rein because you’re so overloaded, you just want to be able to trust her qualities, skills, and her integrity.
  • You wish this brilliant someone could do all the writing work to create your classes, your curriculum, write your books, use all the multiple streams, tweak your site copy, proof everything for accuracy, and get you more internet presence through articles with a really pithy bio while she oversees the other members of your team.
  • You’ll enjoy the idea of having me back you up virtually with my writing and managerial skills and even better, you’ll enjoy the consistent growth and greater success we generate together.

About Me:

  • I am that Other You you’ve been  wishing for.
  • I have oodles of experience and I can unburden you using my skills with great joy.
  • I am a Deep Spiritual Thinker, talented manager, and incurable writer.
  • I understand the systems and tasks it takes to manage a successful, on-line business.
  • Better yet, I understand YOU. I know you’re exasperated with ineptitude.
  • I am an incredible resource, sounding board, and strategic planner.
  • My genius lies in writing my substantial, hard-won understanding of life into your materials and then watching your business flourish because my writing engages and attracts your clients.
  • When I point my powerful thinking at your business, it will double or triple. Stats available. We’re talking millions here.
  • The true spirit underlying all my work is to facilitate you to embrace your own goodness, truth, wealth and enjoyment while working successfully in your business.
  • I crawl into the heart of what you want to accomplish, intuit the most productive role I can play there, and then craft the things that need to be written plus managing the rest of your team. I’m a stickler for deadlines and you are so grateful for that!
  • I can help you “Take the Load off Fanny, and Put the Load Back On Me.”

Please email me soonest. I can’t wait to meet you!